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It is vital that you train for this event and are ready to run. Running 10k if you are not prepared can be dangerous. We advise that you refer to the advice stated on the UK Athletics Run Britain website or seek help from other training professionals.

Local trainers Totally Runable have provided us with a desk to 10k training plan that is easy to follow and suitable for those looking to take on a 10k. Firstly begin with the Desk to 5k training plan, then progress to the Desk to 10k training plan which will help you develop from 5k to 10k in just 8 weeks. Take a look at the plans and follow them day by day to be ready and fully trained to take on a 10k in just a matter of weeks.

Download the Desk to 10k training plan here.

Also available on the Totally Runable website is further information about training, warming up and cooling down, what to wear, running technique, injuries and more. So do take a look and feel free to contact them, or us if you have any questions about the plan or your training.

A big thank you to Totally Runable for their support.

Fundraising and training…

Wakefield Hospice 10K 2016

Training for the Wakefield 10k and fundraising for Wakefield Hospice can very easily go hand in hand.  Telling people about your training is a fun way of influencing family, friends and colleagues who may want to sponsor you. Updating Facebook and Twitter with your latest training runs and updates is a great way to remind everyone of the effort you are putting in, and asking them to donate, without having to go door to door.

You can also update your online giving page with information on how your training is going, to encourage people to donate more. If this is your first ever 10k, you could write a blog and link to it via social media to keep everyone updated, linking in your online giving page as you go. You might even inspire some people to follow in your footsteps.

A few extra tips…

  • Always train in the trainers and clothes you plan to wear on race day a few times, to make sure they aren’t going to irritate you.
  • Taking place in Spring, there is a chance the weather could be cold and/or wet. Make sure you look after your feet, wear good trainers and socks, especially when running in the rain, as you don’t want blisters on race day irritating you.
  • Plan your training runs in weekly, so you aren’t doing everything last minute – that way you are more likely to go out for a run after those long days at work.
  • Keep track of your improvements in training and your times for your longer runs, that way you will have an idea of how fast you will complete the 10k. This will help you know which pace marker to stand with on the start line.
  • When the nights are dark and cold and you are struggling to find the motivation to train, remember that by taking park in the Wakefield 10k you are making a huge difference to the patients and families supported at Wakefield Hospice in the most difficult time of their lives.

Do keep us updated on your training and fundraising on our Facebook page where we will also post updates and tweet us @Wfldhospice