Due to scale of the Wakefield 10k, we need to close a number of roads for the safety of all concerned during the event time.

Below is a breakdown of the road closures, and how these will be operated on Sunday 24th March 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your support of Wakefield Hospice.

Full road closure

There will be no traffic movement on these streets until the race has finished. This will be in operation from 06.00 until 11.00

Park Avenue, Wauchope Street, St James Court, Symons Street, Ryburn Place, Lawefield Lane (Park Grove Road to Lawefield Lane), Lawefield Way, Mayfield Court, Barrass Yard, St Michaels House, Park Grove Road, Clarence Walk, Horbury Road (Westgate to Thornbury)


Cut off closure

There will be no access in or out of these roads during the race but once the majority of runners have passed each road, traffic will be allowed to follow the runners towards Huddersfield and then via the signed diversion route to Wakefield via Queens Drive, Ossett. This will be in operation from 08.45 until 10.30

Co-operative Street, Cambridge Street, West Street, Gill Sike Grove, Thornbury Park, Gill Sike Avenue, Cumbrian Way, Lennox Drive, Grampian Avenue, Oakwood, Pentland Grove, Pennine Close, Cleveland Grove, Cleveland Avenue, Cleveland Garth, Princes Street, Knave Close, Lacey Street, Ashwood Grove, Oakwood Grove, Beechwood Grove, Elmwood Grove, California Drive, Parker Road, North Avenue, East Avenue, West Avenue, South Avenue, The Sycamores, Daw Lane, Southfield Fold, Green Lane, Millfield Road, Castle View, Forge Lane, Normanton Street, Prospect Street, Jacobs Court, Calder Vale Road, Charles Street, Industrial Street, The Shutt, Dudfleet Lane, Castle Grove, Arden Court, Addingford Drive, Addingford Close


Rolling road closure

Access to and from properties on these streets will be available only when the majority of runners have passed key points. This will be advised by our Security Team. These roads will be fully opened by 10.30.

Horbury Road, Northfield Lane, Southfield Lane, Gill Sike Road, Gill Sike Bungalows, Thornbury Road.