Start High

If you ask somebody generous to make the first donation on your online fundraising page, it will begin with a few £10 or £20 pledges. People donating afterwards will be more inclined to match them instead of giving a smaller amount.

Chasing Your Sponsors

We know for many running the Wakefield 10k is a challenge in itself, and the last thing you want to have to do afterwards is chase up people who pledged a donation to you. Why not set up an online fundraising page. It’s easy to do, and even easier for sponsors to use. The money comes directly to us at the hospice, meaning no cash handling or chasing up for you! We recommend using If you need any help or support with setting up your online fundraising page please get in touch with us on 01924 331406.


Workplace Sponsorship

Ask your company if they operate a matched giving scheme where they match your fundraising £ for £.

Email It

Change your email signature at work and/or home. Add an extra line at the end of your signature about what you are doing and how people can help you. If you’ve set up your Virgin Money page, you can include this in your signature as well. This may also prompt a few extra sponsorship pledges.

Gift Aid It!

Gift Aid is a scheme where, for every pound donated by UK taxpayers, charities get an extra 25p from the Government.  It doesn’t cost you or the people who are sponsoring you any more but can increase your sponsorship by 25%.

If you use a sponsor form instead of an online fundraising page which collects the gift aid for you, when donors add their pledge to your sponsor form, we need their full home address including the postcode as we cannot claim gift aid without it.  If work colleagues sponsor you, ask for their home address as we cannot claim gift aid from a work address either. When you return your sponsor money to Wakefield Hospice please bring all your sponsor forms so we can claim the gift aid.Wakefield Hospice 10K 2016

Talk about it

Be sure to talk about your training for the event, this generates interest in your fundraising and let people know how hard you are working towards your goal. If you use Facebook or Twitter talk about it online too.